• Wiki loves sea turtle monuments

    We are happy to announce the launch of Wiki loves sea turtle monuments!

    A brand new global project surrounding the majestic sea turtles has been set up on Wikimedia Commons that we hope will become an encyclopedic reference of sea turtle related monuments from around the world.

    We were inspired by the very popular photography contest "Wiki loves monuments". Sea turtles are found in all corners of the world, having roamed the world's oceans for 100 million years. Their significance as a symbol has been commemorated by various cultures at various times in history and we thought it would be essential to our cause to have a photographic record of that.

    Visit to find out how you can get involved!

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LATEST VIDEO “You See the Difference. A Turtle Does Not”

Imagine you are a hungry sea turtle that cannot tell the difference between a real jellyfish — a nutritious treat — and a floating plastic bag that very much resembles a jellyfish. Fooled by the illusion, you swallow the plastic bag — a deadly mistake. The plastic makes you feel so full that you unwittingly starve yourself to death!

This video was adapted from a viral MEDASSET poster that has been viewed by millions worldwide.